You’re fuckin‘ broke?! We are gonna change that fact!

My Dear Fellow Sufferer März 27, 2008

My Dear Fellow Sufferer,


I am fuckin‘ proud to have you on my side.

And Yes, I know the reason, why you are here.

You are fuckin‘ broke!

I gonna tell you another secret.

I know your deepest wish! It is always there, inside you!

… day by day …

You don’t want to Have No Money Dot Com

So I am gonna tell you something.

I am also fuckin‘ broke!!!

We are in the same team because …

… we don’t want to Have No Money Dot Com!

These are the first steps into a new life.

Never be broke again.



Welcome to Have No Money Dot Com!

We are going to find the most effective ways to earn money!

Welcome to OUR new life!




Julian B. Rich



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