You’re fuckin‘ broke?! We are gonna change that fact!

004 – Fuck you, fuckin‘ money … Don’t need you and you! Mai 6, 2008

My former dear fellow sufferer,

Yes, you have read well. „Former fellow sufferer“.

„Why“? It’s very easy to explain it.

Because I said „Fuck you“. I still HaveNoMoney(dot)Com.

Ohhhh, no. Not to you.

I didn’t mean you.

At least I didn’t mean you only.

It’s very hard to speak out, but I also said „fuck you“ to all my money.

The point is, that two weeks ago I took some drugs. Suddenly I noticed the presence of god, noticed the voice of god.

And I thought „Oh man, that’s a great possibility to talk about the important things of life“

So I said to god: „What the …… what the fuck …….. is wrong with you ….. man.“

I went on with: „I HaveNoMoney(god) ….. ohhhm I HaveNoMoney(dot)Com god“.

„Where are you all the time“?

God answered to me: „Julian Be Rich don’t want to be rich any more“.

It was such a wonderful feeling. It touched me in such a emotional way, I can’t tell.

So replied: „What the hell is goin on“?

God said:“No, Julian Be Rich. It’s still heaven. Proofe it and give away all you money“.

So I decided to proof it to god. And I decided to give away all the money I had.

Then I walked through the city, having all the money with me. Willing to give it away. Willing to give all away.

And suddenly I saw him. It was a poor beggar kneeing on the street. Begging for money.

Yes, he has been chosen by me. So I went to him, taking out my leather purse.

I opened it, put out everything i had. It was really everything I had. I was seeing my own hand reaching out for his hand, giving him all the money.

An I said: „Man, you have been chosen“

„This Five Dollars are for you! Use it wisely my friend. Use it wisely“.

Suddenly the beggar stood up an shouted: „My ass!“ „You fuckin‘ peace of shit“.

I replied: „No, not me“ „You are talking about god“. Then I ran 🙂

One hour later I was at home again. In this moment I didn’t know, what was right, what was wrong.

Doing something that is right and in the end it’s wrong. I noticed for the first time, that it’s not good being good all the time. Same story with my former girlfriend. I was soo very good to her. Showed her all my love all the time. But she couldn’t deal with it.

I was very confused that evening.

And I am still confused.

What the fuck was going on.

I go to bed.

I HaveNoMoney(dot)Com