You’re fuckin‘ broke?! We are gonna change that fact!

005 – Creation?! Law of attraction?! WTF? What a fuckin‘ car? Mai 19, 2008

Dear visitor,

Becoming fellow sufferer,

Welcome at HaveNoMoney(dot)Com.

I am Julian B. Rich. My name is the only thing in my life making me rich.

Yes, I am very fuckin‘ broke at the moment. I fuckin‘ HaveNoMoney(dot)Com.

You are probably asking youself, why you are a „becoming fellow sufferer“! The answer is fuckin‘ easy my friend. Firstly you have the birthright to be a fuckin‘ looser. I feel it so deeply. You have the better abilities to fuck up really deeply. Congratulations my friend!

So, now coming back to main topic. I wanted to tell you something about creation.

I am reading a book about „The law of attraction“. The main message is that you are the only creator of your life. The thoughts you are thinink at the moment attract other thoughts working the same way. So you are creating cirumstances that fit to your thoughts.

After reading this book I was so fuckin‘ confident that it works. So I tried it out. I always wanted a new sports car. Now I was aware, that I could attract this car into my life. I could attract everything into my life, I wanted to have.

So I thought of a fuckin‘ new „Porsche Boxster“. Just the right size for me. I am not so fucked up sophisticated to must have a big car. I thought „Porsche Boxster“ must be enought.

So I went the very next day to the car dealer. It was a real fuckin‘ long way to go. But I was aware, that I would drive home with my new „Porsche Boxster“.

On the way to the car dealer I tried to control my thoughts: „You have a Porsche Boxster. You have a Porsche Boxster“.

Suddenly a voice took me out of my thoughts: „What can I do for you sir“!

„What the fuck“ I responded. „Oh you are the car dealer, isn’t it“? I smiled very fuckin‘ friendly.

I continued thinking: „You have a Porsche Boxster. You have a Porsche Boxster“.

„What can I do for you sir“ the car dealer asked again.

„What the fuck“, I replied. I want a „Porsche Boxster“, SIR.

„Yes, you do, isn’t it“ the car dealer replied.

„What’s about payment, SIR“ he continued, eyeballing me.

„What the fuck is going on with you“ I replied to him.

„I HaveNoMoney(dot)Com“.

„You HaveNoMoney(dot)Com SIR“? he asked.

„Yes I HaveNoMoney(dot)Com“ …

„Are you mad or something Sir“ he replied.

„What the fuck“ I said. „I want my Porsche“!!!

Now he seemed to understand by saying: „Oh, Sir, I see … please come, I will bring you to the car that you deserve to have.

„Here is your fuckin‘ car, you fuckin‘ idiot“.

„What the fuck“ I asked.

„You HaveNoMoney(dot)Com Sir“ he replied?

„Yes, you are right“. „But I am aware of the law of attraction“!

Suddenly he gave me a boot and yelled: „Hit the road you fuckin‘ looser“!

Come again, when you have 75.000 Dollars on your account! Otherwise you just attract my fist being punched at your nose!

Yes, you are thinking right. I ran very fast.

I didn’t know what was going on. The law of attraction failed.

Probably the law of rejection was still working for me.

Firstly me beloved girlfriend, who left me.

Secondly I lost all my money.

And now the Porsche.

Everything failed and I HaveNoMoney(dot)Com.

Now I go to sleep.

What the fuck.