You’re fuckin‘ broke?! We are gonna change that fact!

001 – What the fuck?! März 31, 2008

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My Dear Fellow Sufferer,

I see, it’s you again!

I guess: You’re still fuckin‘ broke, isn’t it? You still Have No Money Dot Com???

The bad news is: so am I

The good news is: I am not alone, because you are on my side!

Yippie Yeah!!!

By the way,

I am fuckin‘ proud because this is my first post in this blog.

I assume that you’re wondering that I haven’t written something within the last three days but now.

The good news is: I have earned 20 Dollars (=15 Euros) by playing cards.

The bad news is: I am still very fuckin‘ broke.

Back to topic. I haven’t been online these three days for a reason. The reason is, that I couldn’t affort the internet because I didn’t Have No Money dot Com to affort the internet costs.

So I was locked for these three hard fuckin‘ days until this reversal of fortune: This 20 Dollars I won by playing cards. It really was a special moment for me to win such a big sum. I cannot remember when I’ve won so much money in my life before.

I decided to put 10 Dollars to my bank account. Thanks to the other 10 Dollars I am able to write to you right now in this very fuckin‘ moment.

So let’s sum up:

We are still two. That’s good.

We are still broke. That’s bad.

. . .

We still Have No Money Dot Com.
But I am still motivated to go on this fuckin‘ hard way!

By the way: Yesterday I talked with my girlfriend. RED ALERT!!! Within next days I gonna tell you more.

So, I have to go to sleep. From time to time it’s very hard to sleep on the floor.

Good night,

Julian B. R.



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